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Hi!!! I'm Olivia Ingram, an illustrator working just outside Toronto, Ontario. I specialize in bringing ideas to life, whether that be through character design, story book illustration, or standalone pieces! I combine my use of bold colour and shape language with my fun and twisted storytelling to make my strangest ideas a reality. I draw a lot of my artistic inspiration from graphic novels and the horror genre!

My love of art has been something I’ve grown through my whole life. In elementary school I’d be filling up our “free time doodle books” at an inhuman speed. 

My taste and style developed along with my interests. The beginning of my interest in actual illustration consisted of a whole lot of bad anime art (like most middle schoolers seem to lean to). As I got more into anime, manga, comics, and the like I began to learn about the work that went into making them, dreaming of that being me one day, and pouring my heart into so so SO much fan art.

This led me into high school art classes where I got to really experiment with my own artistic ideas for the first time, and to see a real sense of improvement from my older work.

When we were pushed to start researching post secondary options I originally aspired to be an animator, but after taking a single animation related class I realized that I absolutely hate doing animation (haha) and finally started looking into illustration. 

And after much debate around programs I ended up in the OCAD U Illustration program! I have since graduated with distinction (yay!) after 4 years of dedication. It’s been tiring and a LOT of work but I can finally say I am actually making art that I am really proud of!

I don’t know exactly where my art career is going to take me, but I do know that whatever happens I will keep making all my weird spooky illustrations <3

Weird middle school fanart is the gateway to a successful art career. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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